The ScannerGuardCard® System has gone through some of the most stringent testing possible. Utilizing a RFID scanner – Model: R50 with a radio frequency 13.56 MHz, we placed the ScannerGuardCard®s inside a wallet and attempted to scan test credit cards. As you will see the RFID scanner was not able to scan the credit card data. Get 24 hour a day protection when you use the ScannerGuardCard® System.

The Testing Results

The RFID chip was not able to be read when placed between either of the two models of ScannerGuardCard®s. The ScannerGuardCard®s have effectively shielded the RFID 13.56 MHz chip. Up to six RFID enabled credit cards can be blocked from being scanned when four enabled credit cards are put between the upper and bottom slat of a wallet, and two RFID chipped credit cards are put directly behind the ScannerGuardCard®s in the upper and bottom slat of a wallet. This protection applies to an open or closed wallet. In addition when the ScannerGuardCard®s in this configuration are on one side of the wallet, and the wallet is closed any chipped RFID credit cards in the slats on the other side of the wallet when the wallet is closed and come in close proximity or contact of the ScannerGuardCard®s will receive the same protection from being scanned while the wallet is closed.

One Year Warranty

The ScannerGuardCard® is basically indestructible, if you follow the instructions.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee We are so confident that you will love the security of our product that we provide you with a “No Questions Asked” Money-Back Guarantee.