With over 10 million identity theft victims every year, we know that you need security that really works. The ScannerGuardCard® is guaranteed to work and we prove it.


  • It is easy to use and convenient.

    Don’t be fooled by protective sleeves that make you slide your cards into them. Everytime you want to use your cards you have to search for the sleeve and then pull all your cards out while you search for the right one. Talk about poor design and inconviencing the user.

  • You can maintain your style.

    The ScannerGuardCard® allows you to keep your designer wallet because it’s thin design and dimesions allow you to simply slide it into your wallet next to your cards. You can not do that with the protective sleeve and just think about sitting on one of those cheap metal wallets.

  • Protect your cards, your cell phone & your passport.

    The ScannerGuardCard® protects your financial and personal information on many different items. The ScannerGuardCard® System is the only protective system that can protect your wallet, your cell phone and your passport. No other product can make this claim.

  • QVC picked our product.

    QVC recognizes a good product when they see it and this is why the ScannerGuardCard® is a regular on QVC. Click here to view our QVC television spot.

  • A lifetime of protection.

    The ScannerGuardCard® lasts a lifetime if used properly. While cheap metal wallets and protective sleeves that rip in a couple of months will have to be replaced. The ScannerGuardCard® will protect your personal and financial information for a lifetime.

  • We guarantee it. We warranty it.

    We are so confident that you will love the ScannerGuardCard®, we guarantee it. We also know that the ScannerGuardCard® is made to last so we give you a warranty. No one else gives you that.

  • Laboratory tested and proven to work.

    MET Laboratories has tested the ScannerGuardCard® and has proven that the ScannerGuardCard® does exactly what we say it does.

  • They Don’t Want You to Know

    The major credit card companies don’t want you to know the truth about RFID chips and how easy they are to steal information from.