Q: Why do I need to be protected?

A: Many credit cards, debit cards, smart cards, drivers licenses, and access cards are embedded with a Radio Frequency ID (RFID) chip. All passports and passport cards now have the RFID chip in them. The RFID chips can contain your credit card and personal information. CREDIT CARD COMPANIES ARE ALREADY SENDING PEOPLE THESE RFID CARDS AND WHEN YOUR BANK RENEWS YOUR CREDIT CARD, IT’S LIKELY THERE WILL BE AN RFID CHIP ON IT. These RFID cards are susceptible to electronic pickpocketing.

Q: What is electronic pick pocketing?

A: Anyone can buy a portable scanner on the internet and skim your credit card information. They can be many feet away from you and still steal your information. More alarming, anyone can now download a simple app into a cell phone and turn their cell phone into a scanner and steal your information.

Q: Do I have an RFID card that could be electronically pickpocketed?

A: Most credit/debit card issuers are switching to cards with RFID chips in them, which are susceptible to electronic pickpocketing. You may already have RFID cards, drivers licenses, smart cards, etc. Even if you don’t think you have one, it’s best to protect yourself now, so that when you receive your renewed credit card, passport card, driver’s license, etc, you won’t have to remember to protect yourself in the future. Also you may have certain cards in your wallet that have an RFID chip in them without you even knowing it.

Q: What can happen if an electronic pickpocket steals my unprotected information?

A: Money can be stolen, and someone can steal your identity and get credit cards made in your name and run up thousands of dollars in charges. Once someone has stolen your identity, they can take out loans and ruin your credit. It’s best to protect yourself to stop it from happening. It can be very time consuming and quite a hassle to get your identity back.

Q:What is the ScannerGuardCard®?

A: The ScannerGuardCard® is the size of a credit card that is designed to protect personal information stored on credit cards, debit cards, smartcards, RFID driver’s licenses and any other RFID Cards from e-pickpocket thieves using handheld RFID scanners or cell phones that have downloaded the electronic pickpocket app. The ScannerGuardCard® is half as thick as a standard credit card so it will not increase the size of your wallet. It is very flexible and durable.

Q:How does the ScannerGuardCard® work ?

A: The ScannerGuardCard® is composed of a mixture of metals that disrupt the scanner from reading the RFID signals. There are outside and inside coatings of our patented metal mixture for protection of RFID personal information. This coating is not rigid, so the card is very flexible.

Q:How do I know ScannerGuardCard® will really block RFID scanners and protect me?

A: MET Labs, North America’s leading 3rd party RFID Test Lab has tested ScannerGuardCard® and proved that it works to stop credit card RFID information from being read by scanners. Further, MET Labs proved that when used per instructions and when the ScannerGuardCard®s are in slats on one side of the wallet, and the wallet is then closed, any credit cards that are in the slats on the other side of the wallet that come in close proximity to the ScannerGuardCard®s, will receive the same protections from being scanned. It is more imperative more than ever that you protect your identity and credit card information.

Q:Is the ScannerGuardCard® indestructible?

A: The ScannerGuardCard® has the same dimensions of your standard credit card. It is less than half as thick as a credit card, but is coated with our patented metal mixture. This mixture gives the card a smooth texture, but makes it very durable. The card is waterproof, but we do not suggest submerging the card in water for hours. Because it’s patented metallic shielding technology is embedded in plastic, it should last for virtually a lifetime. You get a lifetime of protection which is a great value.

Q:Will the ScannerGuardCard® make my wallet bulky or uncomfortable?

A: The ScannerGuardCard® is less than half as thick as a standard credit card so it will not increase the size of your wallet. You’ll get the protection without the bulk.