Is scannerguard card really safe?

"How effective is the Scanner Guard Card anti theft product? Is this really able to provide top rated identity theft protection? Let’s find out.

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Can anti theft product cards provide top rated identity theft protection?

There are many anti theft products available in the market that claims to ensure top rated identity theft protection to the users, some of those are wallets, sleeves, cards, etc. But to be honest, not all these products are genuine and they are really not capable of safeguarding your personal information from RFID scammers.

Scanner Guard Card is a genuine and one of the top 10 identity theft protection items that have gone through some of the most stringent testing possible.

The shielding card developed by Scanner Guard Corporation, one of the top identity theft protection companies, can block RFID scanners from reading your credit or debit card. 

Is it proven as the best protection against identity theft?

This card needs to be placed in the wallet in such a  manner that it sandwiches the cards. This way it will provide the best protection against identity theft by stopping anyone from illegally scanning your cards when it is in your wallet. 

MET Labs placed the anti theft protection inside a wallet and a national instruments RFID test system scanner with a radio frequency of 13.56 MHz attempted to scan the credit cards. The top rated identity theft protection cards have effectively shielded the RFID 13.56  MHz chip. 

Up to six RFID enabled cards can be blocked from being scanned when four enabled cards are put between the upper and bottom slat of a  wallet, and two RFID chipped cards are put directly behind the scanner guard cards in the upper and bottom slat of a wallet.

Scanner Guard Card- top id theft protection against RFID scams

This RFID blocking card ensures a 24 X 7 top ID theft protection. You can safeguard all your RFID cards by placing 4 of them in between 2 anti theft protection Scanner Guard Cards. If you have more than 4 RFID cards, then just simply slip a single Scanner Guard Card in the middle of your stack.

Nowadays, electronic pickpocketing is possible anywhere be it airports, shopping malls, cruise ships, coffee shops, etc. Order your card now to save your confidential information from RFID scammers.

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